The cost down by manufacture and delivery from joint development with the press parts of the Shanghai Ma-tech, China, and Asia, a material, and metal and a resin molding maker!

Consulting research serviceFI utilize for full experience engaged in China trade and affiliated company management for years, and provide the consulting research service which suppressed exactly handmade and needs which are not made by a major company.
INDUSTRYFIndustrial product at large, such as a metalworking article, resinating articles, etc., such as press parts
materialFA material at large [, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel non-iron resin materials, and functional materials ]
fashionFDevelopment and import of miscellaneous goods, such as an import sales pet article of clothing and a bag
Consulting researchFChina trade, company investigation, intellectual property and patent infringement investigation, individual investigation
Product image
All kinds of heat sinks
For electronic bases
An electromagnetic cooker / for IH jars

Industry division

By the industry division , I provide the service which was consistent to development ¨ manufacture ¨ delivery in the parts and assembly article according to the visitor's needs in collaboration with the press parts of the Shanghai Ma-tech, and China and Asia, and metal / a resin molding maker. heat sink

The consistent follow-up systemI

We cover following products

Metal products@iMaterialFCarbon Steel/Stainless steel/Aluminum/Copper etcj
Press / Forging / Casting goods / NC cutting processed goods@
Plastic products@iMaterialF‚o‚u‚bC‚o‚rC‚d‚u‚`CVarious wear-proof [ containing glass fiber ] resin etcj
Plastic productsFEjection molding/Blow cast
It is very effective to procure foreign countries parts for a cost reduction . Please inquire.

Individual case

CASE1FIt is a Japanese trading company and is an A company-oriented case.
In order to carry out subcontract production of the bread tray in Japan, our company had order of a tooling at the beginning, but when the estimate of the product was carried out after that, it became clear that cost suited the direction produced at our company Shanghai factory, and I started production in China. It is China now and a cost cut with the end products carried out to Teflon paint is under examination.
CASE2FIt is a U.S. corporation of a Japanese home electronics maker, and is a case of B company.
There was a manufacture request of a vending machine / parts for wine cellars, since it was limited production with a wide variety, it seemed that a cost reduction is impossible at the beginning, but it tied up with the local customs broker and ordering cost / physical distribution cost was sharply cut by loading with other components and carrying out.
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If you have any inquiry,please send us e-mail with your production drawing or picture(PDF,JPEG file is appreciated).
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An electromagnetic cooker / for IH jars