It corresponds broadly from the research of a supply place, a sale place, a cooperator, etc. to company investigation of the reliability of China companies, a financial condition, a track record, etc., and a Japanese resident's abroad behavior investigation.

Consulting research serviceFI utilize for full experience engaged in China trade and affiliated company management for years, and provide the consulting research service which suppressed exactly handmade and needs which are not made by a major company.
INDUSTRYFIndustrial product at large, such as a metalworking article, resinating articles, etc., such as press parts
materialFA material at large [, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel non-iron resin materials, and functional materials ]
fashionFDevelopment and import of miscellaneous goods, such as an import sales pet article of clothing and a bag
Consulting researchFChina trade, company investigation, intellectual property and patent infringement investigation, individual investigation
From an estimate to delivery

Consulting research service

A consulting divisio division starts.

In Ma-tech Japan, experience engaged in corporation management for years at China trade / spot was utilized for full, and offer of the consulting research service which suppressed needs exactly was begun by the major company by handmade [ which cannot be imitated ].
Consulting research service-flowchart

China trade consulting

yThe research of a supply place / business partner / contract-manufacturing companyz

A supply place, the OEM point, a sale place, a cooperator, etc. are very important for the China company selection.
I list the company which is likely to suit these cooperators selected from the very small amount of information after carrying out the hearing of wish / the demand.
The object is covered from not only a listed company but a stock private company, superior small and medium-sized enterprises, and a China local company to an advance Japanese company and a company with capital participation by a foreign company.
It is the service which can be answered to all a visitor's business needs.
Besides, an appointment / negotiation / interpreter / document translation to a listing place company will also correspond.
Company investigation

yTrade credit investigationz

The China trade credit investigation indispensable when conducting dealings with China companies.
I cooperate with risk reduction of the ability to set in a visitor's China business by offering a customer's reliability, a financial condition and a track record, and other required information.
I offer quality credit investigation at low cost in footwork and the network in a spot.Besides, according to wish, I also investigate person investigation of the company which understands only for neither financial statements nor a numerical value of reputation / management through a local cooperator research institute.
Since I hold completely, please apply for the secrecy of a request company in comfort.

yIntellectual property / patent infringement investigationz

If copy goods appear on the market while it is instant in spite of having advanced to China by special high technology and a novel design
It is connected with the opportunity loss of sale and profits enjoyment, and it is not necessary it to not only to become an obstacle of business deployment in future China, but to say having a big bad influence on business deployment overseas [ of your company / China / overseas ].
That infringement of intellectual property / patent should be investigated, it ties up with the research institute / credit agency of the speciality of a spot, and our company can report the spot / proof of infringement to a visitor.
Individual investigation
The number of Chinese people which has relation with a Japanese resident abroad and a Japanese resident abroad is increasing by leaps and bounds as the overseas expansion to China of a Japanese company becomes flourishing.
In connection with it, the demand over investigation of a Japanese resident abroad is increasing in China.
In cases where there is a case big-ticket [ expense ] and ambiguous where it takes the time from an investigation start to a report in cases where it requests through the credit agency in Japan conventionally and the credit agency of a spot is requested, the reliability of the problem of language and a credit agency itself poses a problem, and the case at which the request itself hesitated is considered to have been plentifully.
Then, our company builds the credit agency / leading detective office, and leading cooperative relation of the China spot, conduct investigation through the pro of a local organization, and our company
The warm correspondence according to the demand time shortening / cost reduction / like a client by the division-of-work organization of performing follow to a visitor and translation of a report is possible. [ from an investigation request to a report ]
The main investigation contents
  1. Fickleness investigation of a Japanese resident abroad (background investigation of lengthier stay persons, such as a representative / business bachelor / foreign student)
  2. Fickleness investigation at the time of traveling abroad
  3. A Japanese resident's abroad life survey
  4. The foreign staff's work survey
  5. Search for a man of the background check connection interruption person of the Chinese (a friend / fiance / business partner) who have relation with a Japanese resident abroad (Chinese who got to know each other and went back in Japan)
  6. Investigation about the local staff / local employment Japanese staff of an employment schedule
  7. Property proof, bank account investigation, real estate investigation
  8. Individual penal record investigation, the violation investigation of copyright, violation investigation of copyright, violation investigation of a registered trademark
  9. Telephone number searchiAn fixed-line phone / mobile phone j
In addition, I will advance strengthening / service expansion with a cooperator so that it can respond to the matters for investigation which had the request from the visitor as much as possible.
When troubled by China trade and investigation, please do not hesitate to ask once to the following.
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