Press parts, a material, the development proposal type venture trading company [ small however World-wide ] that makes fashion goods main.

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Consulting research service:I utilize for full experience engaged in corporation management for years at China trade / spot, and provide the consulting research service which cannot imitate and which caught needs exactly by handmade by a major company.
INDUSTRY:Industrial product at large, such as a metalworking article, resinating articles, etc., such as press parts
material:A material at large [, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel non-iron resin materials, and functional materials ]
fashion:Development and import of miscellaneous goods, such as an import sales pet article of clothing and a bag
Consulting research:China trade, company investigation, intellectual property and patent infringement investigation, individual investigation

Welcome to our Ma-tech!

Welcome to Ma-tech Group Web site!
The Ma-tech group which uses Ma-tech Japan as a core is carrying out enterprise deployment by using the material division treating a steel material, such as an industry division treating metal parts, such as press parts, and stainless steel, and the fashion marketing division treating Garment,Bag,Accessory & General commodity as a main.

Service Lineup

Press parts, a steel material, a lady's fashion!

A plan, management (Japan), development, manufacture and a delivery (China & Asia) market (whole world), and the service that a World-wide development proposal type venture trading company provides although it is small!
A World-wide development proposal type venture trading company!

News & Topics

Hot news & Topics

June 19
Consultancy-business starting! In Ma-tech Japan, experience engaged in China trade and affiliated company management for years was utilized for full, and offer of the consulting research service which suppressed exactly handmade and needs which are not made was begun by the major company.
June 15
Fashion marketing division at a Yahoo! shopping site [Ma-tech Japan hall sales] and Yahoo! auction, it is introduction centering on a ladies fashion and miscellaneous goods! Goods county quality at a reasonable price!


June 10

Shanghai Ma-tech : Press part manufacture is mainly performed in the production base of the Ma-tech group!
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