It corresponds to importation encouraging development of dress and ornaments and miscellaneous goods in Vietnam Asian countries including China! I am also doing retail store-oriented wholesale, although retail / net auction sale is main.

Consulting research service:I utilize for full experience engaged in China trade and affiliated company management for years, and provide the consulting research service which suppressed exactly handmade and needs which are not made by a major company.
INDUSTRY:Industrial product at large, such as a metalworking article, resinating articles, etc., such as press parts
material:A material at large [, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel non-iron resin materials, and functional materials ]
fashion:Development and import of miscellaneous goods, such as an import sales pet article of clothing and a bag
Consulting research:China trade, company investigation, intellectual property and patent infringement investigation, individual investigation
To the store / wholesaler: Although retail / online sales / auction sale is main, I am also doing the wholesale for retail stores. If there is interest, please click the following banner and ask by e-mail about an interested goods on looking at the goods of our company. The reply difference of the estimate of quantity of stock / price / time for delivery has been carried out quickly.
Go to Yahoo! auction【matechjpn】
Yahooshopping【Ma-tech Japan whole sales】へ
Please give me specification of the information which turns out to be a store name / contact / business condition (store sale / online-sales / move sale etc.), and a contractor in the case of an inquiry.

Fashion marketing division

We send the fashion of Asia, such as China / Vietnam, to you early!

China / Vietnam is NET and sells at the store the garments / bag bought directly in Asian countries.
From last year, processing commission of the handmade embroidery bag planned at its company was carried out at the contractor of Vietnam, and I have begun sale.

Item lineup:Lady's' jeans, tops, bag, etc.

I introduce some goods of a fashion & marketing division.
(If a goods picture is clicked, it will display by expansion.)
Zip up cardigan T-Shirt T-Shirt
Zip up Zip up Zip up
J&D Decorative Denim Michael Rdan Jewelry Denim One-piece dress
Beads bag Vietnam
Handmade embroidery bag
Handmade embroidery bag
Leg warmer Hunting cap Seamless cap

Development and import of miscellaneous goods

He is a partner secure also to importation encouraging development of miscellaneous goods.
A pet goods / daily goods / miscellaneous goods also select the optimal maker through the network of our company.
From product development to manufacture, I am helping consistently.
Example of a product
【 Develop-and-import-scheme track record 】
Pet products:Toy,Pads,Bed   Daily goods:Bamboo products etc
Also promotion of your products(Fashion,pet supply and other consumer goods) to us would be appreciated!
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