Japan, the know-how of both China and a network and the amount of information well versed in a material and technology, China where personnel expenses are still lower-priced therefore a possible cost down proposal, speedy development organization!

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Consulting research service:I utilize for full experience engaged in China trade and affiliated company management for years, and provide the consulting research service which suppressed exactly handmade and needs which are not made by a major company.
INDUSTRY:Industrial product at large, such as a metalworking article, resinating articles, etc., such as press parts
material:A material at large [, such as ordinary steel, stainless steel non-iron resin materials, and functional materials ]
fashion:Development and import of miscellaneous goods, such as an import sales pet article of clothing and a bag
Consulting research:China trade, company investigation, intellectual property and patent infringement investigation, individual investigation

Ma-tech Shanghai

Our production base camp

Shanghai Ma-tech Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been established in Shanghai,China since November,2003.Mainly producing various kind of metal stamping parts and aluminum heatsink for Audio and Home appliance elctric and Automotive customers.
Our location is very good access to city in Shanghai and Suzhou these economic booming zone.
Inside of a factory1
Inside of a factory2 Our advantage is good knowledge of steel material and metal stamping technology,low operation cost and our world-wide network.We believe we can provide more competitive price,better quality and more flexible delivery

Product slide&Inside of a factory

Shanghai Ma-tech profile

Name Shanghai Ma-tech Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Address No.2 Dongjie Cun,Huangdu,Jiading,Shanghai
TEL +86-21-6959-2732
FAX +86-21-6959-1598
Capital US$400,000.-
Emploee 60people
  • Mechanical pressing M/C 80ton x 8
  • Mechanical pressing M/C 110ton x 2
  • Hand pressing M/C 0.5ton x 2
  • Wire cutter x 1
  • Grinding M/C,Machine Lathe
  • Tapping M/C x 5
Shanghai JVC Electric---DVD Parts
Hitachi Electric --- Home electric appliance parts
Suzhou Yamaha Electric--- Audio parts
Shanghai Minebea--- Motor parts
Pacific Yoko---Baking tray
AMETEK---Motor parts
Sanyo E&E---Refregerator parts    
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Ma-tech Japan Co.,Ltd.
H/Q address / 5-5-314,Nishiki 2chome,Kaizuka,Osaka 597-0091 Japan
TEL / 072-436-3450
FAX / 072-436-2530
Customers / JVC,Hitachi,Yamaha,Minebea,
Sanyo etc
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